Ehitus objektid

From October 1, new requirements regarding construction objects

From 1 October 2023, larger constructions, subcontracting chains and employees allowed to constructions must be registered in the e-services environment of the Tax and Customs Board.

Soon, it will be obligatory to provide data on the time employees spend on constructions.
You can find more information on ordering employee cards

Electronic registration is mandatory on constructions that are subject to special requirements in relation to notifying the Labour Inspectorate and occupational safety:
• the duration of construction work exceeds 30 working days and at least 20 people are at work at a time, or
• the workload exceeds 500 man-days.

The registration obligation concerns constructions which are to be built after 1 October 2023 or which are under construction and the expected completion deadline is later than 1 October 2024.

The information system for registration of subcontracting chain and working time can be used in the e-services environment of the Tax and Customs Board from 1 October at the latest.

You can find more information in Estonian about the e-service, changes, obligations and employee cards on website „Registreerimine, ettevõtlus“ – „Elektrooniline registreerimine ehituses“.