Cost of accounting service depends on:

  •   number of services desired by a client,
  •   number of officers involved,
  •  number of running documents in a calendar month and
  •  agreements between the client and service provider.

Minimum cost of basic accounting services package provided for a company with economic activity is 35 euros per calendar month.

Basic service package includes:

  •  Making of accounting entries and reporting on the basis of source documents
  • Accounting of wages and fixed assets
  •  Supervision of receipts and payments
  • Submission of declarations to the Tax and Customs Board
  • Drawing up of quarterly balance and income statements.

If we have agreed about the basic package service with the client, then depending on frequency and number of desired additional services the following additional fees will be added to the price. If upon agreement about the monthly payment it is already taken into account that the client wishes the certain number of additional services every month, then these services will be included in the basic price, and no additional fees will be added.

Price list of additional services (if not included in the basic price):

Statistical reports (pcs) from  €       10,00
Consultations    €       35,00
Organisation (internal work procedure rules, accounting internal provisions etc) hourly fee  €       70,00
Drawing up of a  health protection plan (pcs) – depending on volume of work from  €     450,00
Drawing up of business plans (pcs) – depending on volume of work from  €     350,00
Drawing up of contracts  (pcs) – depending on type of contract from  €       25,00
Printing of documents (pcs)    €         0,10
Foreign company records management hourly fee  €       50,00
Accountant’s work at a client’s office (min 1h) hourly fee  €       35,00
Work outside working hours (official working hours = Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:00) hourly fee  €       35,00
Additional services not included in the contract (min 0,5 h) hourly fee  €       35,00
Representation of undertaking at the Tax and Customs Board, Commercial Register etc (min 1h) hourly fee  €       50,00
Drawing up of an extraordinary balance (pcs)    €       35,00
Preparation of documents for operations at the Commercial Register (pcs) – depending on type from  €       35,00
Placement of a payment to bank (pcs)    €         1,00

VAT in its applicable rate is to be added to all prices.